The Married Life

I closed the year 2019 with a new chapter in my life. I am now a wife to the most wonderful man and I couldn't be any happier. I have to pinch myself sometimes! We had our wedding in a registry office in Camden and then a small gathering in a pub close to our... Continue Reading →

Istanbul in my heart

A room in the house, İstanbul in the roomA mirror in the room, İstanbul in the mirrorThe man lit his cigarette, an İstanbul smokeThe woman opened her purse, İstanbul in the purseThe child cast a fishing line, I saw,And he started to draw it, İstanbul on the lineWhat kind of water is this, what kind... Continue Reading →

A Day in Oxford

People had been telling me how beautiful Oxford was and now I will keep telling people how beautiful Oxford is. ⁣⁣We simply fell in love with the city. We had Italian food in a castle that used to be a prison. Then a long walk around the Christ Church and enjoying the meadow and the... Continue Reading →

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